Allison is our Production Manager and newest member to the Earth and Sugar team. Allison is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Hospitality of Business System’s degree. With her education and seven years of experience in the service industry, Allison will be an integral part of our team to contribute to our exceptional service and customer value! She is highly motivated and enthusiastic about all aspects of the business. Welcome aboard Allie!


    Maribel is our Head Baker and one of the most crucial components of our team. A former accountant from Havana, Cuba she arrived to The States in August of 2014. One of her fondest childhood memories is of her walk to a local bakery to get her favorite pastry, masa real. A traditional Cuban dessert layered with dense cake and sweet guava filling. Maribel learned how to bake our recipes over months of training and her most rewarding moment is to see the final designs come to life knowing that she is a part of each cake and dessert that leaves our studio. We love our Maribel more than words can describe and there is only one of her!