The Best Box Cake Mix You Didn't Know You Needed

It's that time! Our cakes mixes are only a few weeks away from shipping out and to share our joy with all of you we've made it available for pre-order. We've struggled between calling this homemade or unicorn made because as you may know we have a team of unicorns and magical elves that make so much magic throughout the year in our studio. With all the cake dreams we make here it's only fitting we share with you a bit of how it all came about, starting with our delicious cake mixes. Although we've grown quite a bit and lived quite a few dreams, we still hold on to the basics that got us here. Making every cake from scratch and even when we look back at over 700 events in a year, we can still say that. It is just a part of who we are. 

Sometime ago I lost a little bit of that love and nostalgia that started all of this and I found my way back thanks to a few friends and my idea journal. Yes, I have had one for a lifetime. Things I know I can do and things I would like to try, this is where my entrepreneurial spirit always takes over. Thanks to that spirit we have handmade cake mixes so you too can enjoy the cakes you've comets love from the comfort of your own home.

Anyone remember our very first sales person? I do! She was always bubbly, very informative and never let you walk away from a market or event table without buying one of our delicious cupcakes. Did I just take you way back to street vendor days and hustling though late nights seven days a week for countless years? You are right, it's my daughter Sabrina!

With her constant confusion (it's really more like a combination of disappointment and pre-teen frustration) about turning down opportunities on Food Network, Cooking Channel and Sugar Rush she was adamant that I bake with her again. I am very protective of my professional image and am terrified of not having structure because well it has been years of hard work to find it. A few months later she gave me back something I had been missing. Our crazy cakes are crafted by our amazing team, but Earth and Sugar was built and is until today sustained by cakes showing our perfect buttercream finish and high reviews of its flavor and our customer service. Now I want you to bake with us! So head on over here and pre-order yours today!

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