Welcome to the highly sought Earth and Sugar University.

Ever wonder how some of the top food stylists and bloggers are able to build such a thriving business? This class is a perfect fit for anyone who would like to learn hands-on techniques and how to apply them to their creative projects.

Earth and Sugar's University focuses on teaching you fundamental techniques in addition to how to build a highly-profitable business.

Learn the exact strategies behind these highly-profitable small businesses that have generated massive success. From zero to six figures, The University is designed to inspire + educate business owners of all levels, create a shift in thinking, and provide you with the tools to grow your brand.

Learning with me

Learn how Janderyn got started in the industry, the biggest struggles she faced, and the tipping point that helped her find her aesthetic voice and start earning a profit.

In addition to covering topics on cake, our courses also include a business course for those interested in starting their own successful creative business. Each class is a one-on-one learning experience with only one student being seated at a time.

This ensures you are given all the attention you need in order to absorb every detail of training over the course of the session. We will ask you to gather the proper documentation so we can assess your current structure and plans and go from there. We've helped so many creatives from cake artists, photographers to even dance schools.

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