The Year of Endurance

The Chinese year of 2021 is the Year of the Ox. It will be a year of endurance.
Now, I am not Chinese but because this year has all ready turned into insanity let’s all pretend we govern our lives based on the Chinese New Year.
Why? Well, because I’ve decided that my continued path to take over the world of cake could only be complete by expecting my third child at 38. Yes that is the age I also said I would be once again investing in my business to grow our staff and production, maybe buy my first commercial building, do some renovating to a house that is only ten years old in total and traveling the world with the two blessings we all ready have.
Are you ready for this? I can check them all off this year, insanity right! Yes all of those things have happened in 3/4 of the year. I feel like my head is spinning and my parents are on this merry go round looking at me with concern and constipated happiness faces while my husband smiles and takes it all in stride. Probably because this guy was always meant to be a dad, he’s a great dad. I’d be lying if I told you I did night time feedings because he did them. Willingly, to let me rest. My brother just asks the smart question of how? Of course I only have one logical answer, which is that I have no clue. There, that suffices.
My amazing employees are all excited and terrified! Having a baby in the middle of the craziest time of the year that happens to be the busiest and most complicated wasn’t exactly my plan. Actually, to be honest my plan was that we were done. My husband has always wanted more and I didn’t. Eventually when I finally had some form of baby fever, or old lady clock fear as I like to address her. The time had passed, this was according to infertility doctors. No matter what my desires were, they were just a few years too late. My husband looked at me with the most sincere and loving face and said “We have two beautiful and healthy children, it’s not worth the trouble and the physical toll it will take on you. I’m happy with what life has given us, it’s time to move on.”
I wasn’t sad, I was taken back by his response but equally grateful that I had someone in my life who cared about me first. Fast forward seven months from that time and here we are, expecting. I cried.
I called my best friend and told her, before I could even get a word out she says “Geris is going to be so happy!”. See, there is a pattern here because everyone knows that my husband is a very modern dad who will just have to bypass the golden years as he calls them. But one who loves kids! While our oldest daughter turns 21 and the fear of bars and nightclubs enters my brain, we will also be planning our little ones fifth grade graduation and her upcoming entrance into middle school.
Still with me? This announcement could be totally emotional and hormonal in tone, and it is I promise. Then there is the entrepreneur in me that is feeling a sense of anxiety, but at the same time ready for yet another challenge in growth. As a woman I haven’t taken too many moments to look back at the grind and process of what it took to get here personally and professionally. I can say with full certainty that I plan on passing on these powers I possess to my children so that they may continue on their journey in life with the mindset that nothing can stop them from achieving their goals except themselves. Even the ones you thought were impossible. 
I can’t wait to meet Penelope, I know she’s going to fill all the shoes life has planned for her. After all, she has an incredible big sister to show her the way.
Photography by PS Photography and Film

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