It's Fall Ya'll!

Did you see that title up there, I have always wanted to say that! Living in Florida is not entirely orange and brown leaves falling from the magical trees with sweater weather celebrations on our girls night out. Sometimes our seasons are best described as an eternal summer, but sometimes we get lucky. This time of year is all about spiced goods, pumpkin ravioli and all the fall lattes. 

I really love this season because it feels like we slow down to the spices and speed up when the big guy in a red suit is coming. If I can find a single moment to sit I always find my favorite pair of leggings and a super cozy sweater like this one from Lululemon. I have so many books I have yet to read and I am a habitual book buyer. Anyone else have this disease? The term for it is Tsundoku, a Japanese term. Google it, thats all I can say I promise one you will relate to me.

One of my favorite two books were gifts from people who truly knew what I needed to read at the particular moment. It's life changing when you have gifts of this sort, it's like it is meant to be. In the Company of Women and Pioneers of the Possible are unprecedented collections of empowering advice and inspiration. 

It is filled with portraits of exceptional leaders across a diverse range of races, ages, backgrounds, and industries. Something I truly love to celebrate as a Hispanic woman entrepreneur. During these times especially I love to flip to a page, any page really and remind myself that this moment of craziness and uncertainty will pass. That I am stronger than I feel and succeeding is the only road in front me. 

Let's try to find an hour this weekend to take a few breaths, let a few breaths go with the weeks negativity attached to it and say hello to the one that matters most to make your world go round, you. In the spirit of self care lets be make up free as I did in these images and do something that refreshes your inner self. If it's too warm for sweaters and boots, just do as I do and turn down the air conditioner low enough to wear a sweater and grab your favorite book!

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