It’s nearing Summer of 2021!

It’s nearing Summer of 2021! (Did I just say that?) this past year has been full of so much complexity and emotions. The way I had even ever envisioned what entrepreneurship would look like was such a distant vision from what 2020 had in store. There isn’t a book on the market that tells you what to do in a pandemic, how many curveballs may be thrown at you and in the process of figuring out what to do with those points how to deal with your emotions at the same time. I had so much conflict and what felt like never ending days. But through all of that I learned so much that I am oddly incredibly grateful for.

It gave me no choice but to reach in my vault of things I had wanted to do or dreamed of doing but never took the time to address them because I was so successful at the model I had already built, it was my safe place. When that safe place became undone there were only two options, close temporarily and start over (or for some it was to close permanently because the thought of recuperating the magnitude of losses experienced was just too much to bare) or do something. Something could have been anything and I started with what I had in front of me which was to selloff my perishable inventory of ingredients to those who needed it at cost and offer to help order household items for our community if they were unable to find them locally and allow them to share that cost with each other just to have access.

After a month of grieving (yes it felt like that first phase of grief in the loss of life), I noticed my daughter really missed seeing her best friend, someone she had access to so easily every week. I thought what if baking could provide an activity, something to bring people home especially kids together for a few hours over a zoom call or a FaceTime. It would give purpose to their day. With so many changes I thought a little flour and frosting could turn a lot of those frowns to smiles.

I had already created branded desserts for so many celebrities and brands before the pandemic, companies who actually invested in our product and our community. My first thought was to reach out to one of my favorite ones and see if they would want to launch the first baking box collaborative project, a few weeks of hard work and may curve balls later we had the Stoney Clover Lane X Earth and Sugar Baking Kit!

Once we did this I decided why not brand and approach all the upcoming holidays as another product launch project. It worked, it worked more than I could have ever dreamed of and it took a lot of amazing elves and industry friends to get them done. We created an entire new revenue stream for our company, to bring all employees back which we treasured so much and continue to grow not only as a company but as a part of our community. I asked our customers near and afar to invest in our team and they did, the power of our story and purpose. I am eternally grateful for all the hands that helped mold this fusion of our original brand and the renewed way that has made us even bigger and better. I love you!

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