Love and Sweets: Valentine's and Easter Collections

Once a year we are reminded to show our love for those who we care about most, Valentine’s Day. This year our team wanted to create a collection that would make showing your loved one how much they meant to you easy, beautiful, and delicious! This task wasn’t as easy and beautiful behind the scenes as it was presented to the world. With wedding season in full effect, our team had to juggle an outstanding 65 weddings and celebrations the weekend before Valentines on top of the other 40 Valentine’s orders! It was a beautiful sight to see all of the order forms hanging on every surface in the kitchen. Nothing is too much for our team of unicorns!



We’re big fans of anything chocolate here at Earth and Sugar, but we also love the flavor profiles that a specific holiday brings to the party. For Valentine’s Day this year, we went all out with an exclusive collection of confections that brought a little love to every sweet tooth!


Our Valentines collection included 22 different cakes and confections for the start of the 2022 year! The top sellers this year included our Mini Breakable Hearts filled with candy and Cupid’s Giant Lollies with your choice of a loved one’s name! Our staff favorites were our My Heart Cookie Cake with raspberry buttercream, and our Sweet Love Confections box filled high with Earth and Sugar’s signature treats.



Love was in the air. In celebration of happily ever after’s, this Valentine’s Day we were delighted to help so many couples celebrate their love for one another by providing their wedding cake! On this day, Earth and Sugar helped five couples dedicated the rest of their life to loving someone with all their heart. We hope that these new couples will have a long, happy life together filled with lots of love and fun times.


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take some time to use the power of sugar for a family dinner, friendly get together, or a dazzling party. When it comes to spicing up the friendships in your life, nothing says “I appreciate you” like cake. Here at the bakery, once one holiday comes and goes, another one is just around the corner. Let’s hop on over to Easter!


For the launch of our Easter collection, we hosted a giveaway for every one of our lovely followers across the nation and beyond! What did we give away? Our new shippable, delicious, and adorable Easter Cake Nosh! In total, we got over 200 submissions over the 5 days we hosted the giveaway and ended up with one winner! It was so incredible to see all the excitement around the giveaway and proud to be able to gift something sweet!


As Easter is approaching quickly, it’ll be no time before our online ordering turns off and all Easter orders will be put into production magic! This year, we have an explosive menu. One of our Easter menu items is the Cottage Style Explosion Cake! This cake looks simple and elegant on the outside, but as soon as you cut into it you reveal its colorful inside! Some of our other adorable creations include our Cutie Bunny Cake, Chick Egg + Bunny Macaron Box and the cutest Breakable Chick filled with more candy! Make sure you check out our Easter and Passover collections before they are gone!