The Ultimate Easter Egg Cake Bar

Happy Easter! The kids have gone egg hunting and the Easter bunny came and dropped off a basket full of chocolates, candies, and other goodies. You have eaten as much candy as the dentist would allow and there is still left over! You may be thinking, now what?

Earth and Sugar has some ideas! Below you will find three different ways to use our at home baking box to create magical treats using what comes in the box and all of your left over Easter candy! Feel free to mix and match or create your own masterpiece! Our cake recipes are easy and fun to make for all ages!

For Easter this year, Sabrina baked a cake bar, mini cupcakes, and full-size cupcakes! Some of the items we needed for this activity were: baking pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, chocolate, Earth and Sugar’s at home baking kit and all other baking ingredients. Let’s go check out what she created!

We started our day of baking fun with a super easy cake bar in a tart mold! Using a tart pan was totally unplanned, however, it made decorating and taking the bar out effortless. You can use any shallow flat pan you may have at home for this! Sabrina mixed and baked our classic funfetti baking mix to perfection! Then, we chose to melt down chocolate we already had in the pantry, added a little bit of oil for the consistency, and poured it into the tart mold! She finished the bar with Chocolate Cadbury Eggs. Set aside and wait 1-2 hours for the chocolate to set before unmolding and cutting into bars! This classic vanilla and chocolate combo is a tasty treat for all to enjoy and only took 30 minutes!

To check out the video of Sabrina baking this bar at home, click the link here!


We didn’t stop there! The rest of the funfetti batter was used for mini cupcakes. She used the cupcake liners that come in the Earth and Sugar bake at home box and a cupcake pan we had at home. Using the gel food color that comes in the baking kit to dye the frosting, she made a vibrant pink and a pastel orange frosting to pipe with. We used two different decorating tips that we already had at home, but you can decorate without a tip! Make sure to use your creativity and have some fun with it! Sabrina used more of her left-over Cadbury eggs and the sprinkle mix in the bake at home box to finish decorating these cute mini cupcakes. For an at home baker, Sabrina flawlessly baked, piped, and decorated them, and should be very proud to present to any family member, friend or neighbor!

With all the remaining funfetti batter, we scooped a few regular sized cupcakes for one final project! For this one, Sabrina went into our home pantry to make something completely different. She found some coconut flakes and duce de leche and to make cupcake sfilled with delicious dulce de leche, frosted with vanilla buttercream, then rolled into coconut flakes and finished with a light and fluffy marshmallow peep! These were to die for, and the best part was we didn’t have to go to the store at all! We encourage you to use what you have already in your home pantry to create and innovate our baking box into something of your own!